Israel Potter

Israel Potter:  Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The birthplace of Israel
Chapter 2 The youthful adventures of Israel
Chapter 3 Israel goes to the wars; and reaching Bunker Hill in time to be of service there, soon after is forced to extend his travels across the sea into the enemy's land
Chapter 4 Further wanderings of the Refugee, with some account of a good knight of Brentford who befriended him
Chapter 5 Israel in the Lion's Den
Chapter 6 Israel makes the acquaintance of certain secret friends of America, one of them being the famous author of the "Diversions of Purley." These despatch him on a sly errand across the Channel
Chapter 7 After a curious adventure upon the Pont Neuf, Israel enters the presence of the renowned sage, Dr. Franklin, whom he finds right learnedly and multifariously employed
Chapter 8 Which has something to say about Dr. Franklin and the Latin Quarter
Chapter 9 Israel is initiated into the mysteries of lodging-houses in the Latin Quarter
Chapter 10 Another adventurer appears upon the scene
Chapter 11 Paul Jones in a reverie
Chapter 12 Recrossing the Channel, Israel returns to the Squire's abode—His adventures there
Chapter 13 His escape from the house, with various adventures following
Chapter 14 In which Israel is sailor under two flags, and in three ships, and all in one night
Chapter 15 They sail as far as the Crag of Ailsa
Chapter 16 They look in at Carrickfergus, and descend on Whitehaven
Chapter 17 They call at the Earl of Selkirk's, and afterwards fight the ship-of-war Drake
Chapter 18 The Expedition that sailed from Groix
Chapter 19 They fight the Serapis
Chapter 20 The Shuttle
Chapter 21 Samson among the Philistines
Chapter 22 Something further of Ethan Allen; with Israel's flight towards the wilderness
Chapter 23 Israel in Egypt
Chapter 24 Continued
Chapter 25 In the City of Dis
Chapter 26 Forty-five years
Chapter 27 Requiescat in pace

Israel Potter Table of Contents

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